Charles Dance’s Role & Potential Credits Scene In ‘GODZILLA 2: KING OF MONSTERS’ (EXCLUSIVE)


With Godzilla 2: King of Monsters being delayed slightly to May 31st rather than its original release date on March 22nd, things may look potentially worrying regarding the film however we can confirm that we have heard nothing but great things regarding the film from multiple different sources and that the delay could be for two things, either for giving more time for finishing up visual effects or to give it a release date as a prime Summer 2019 Film.

However that is not what we are here to talk about today, we have two exclusive tidbits regarding the film to share with you, one to do with Charles Dance’s role in the film and one to do with a potential credits scene which would not be uncommon for the TITANS/Kaiju Cinematic Universe:

In Godzilla 2: King of Monsters, Charles Dance will be playing a terrorist leader who Warner Bros./Legendary’s  TITANS/Kaiju Cinematic Universe likely have bigger plans in store for. He works in a black market that circulates whatever resources that can be gathered from monsters (also known as TITANS now in the universe) and their remains.

Charles Dance only has a supporting role in the film however, he does play a part in the current post-credits scene that happens following the events of the film. We shall not delve into the details of what the credits scene entails due to huge spoilers however, we would not be surprised if this credit scene was changed before release to something to setup the Kong vs Godzilla. The current post credits scene could potentially be quite big in terms of the future of this Cinematic Universe so if it is not attached to next year’s Godzilla 2, you can expect to see it at another time. Regardless if the scene is changed – you can expect to see more of Charles Dance and his evil schemes in future installments in the Kong/Godzilla Cinematic Universe.

Let us know your thoughts on this story, are you excited for Godzilla 2: King of Monsters? And what other films are you excited to see in 2019? Make sure to let us know down below!



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